What my clients say about me.


With my hand on my heart, I can say that Coach Mikey has changed my life. His presence is commanding, he chooses his words carefully so that every word he speaks counts. He is vocal when he needs to be and yet, when it's helpful, he can be soft and nurturing like I have never experienced before from a coach.  Coach Mikey was always honest as the best coaches often are. His only goal was to have me realize, see, and reach my full potential. Coach Mikey coaches with compassion, fire, bravery, honesty but most of all, with love. An unrelenting unapologetic love that is a rare commodity in today's world. It is impossible not to be inspired by Coach Mikey when he looks you in the eye with a love that is palpable, a love that says “I believe in you.”

Dan S. (Los Angeles, CA)